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Who We Are

The Alaska Reflexology Association (AKRA) is a non-profit member-based organization established in 2008 to advance the professional development of the field of reflexology and to promote public awareness about reflexology and its benefits as a complementary health practice. AKRA is an affiliated member of the Reflexology Association of America (RAA).


Although AKRA receives most of its income from membership dues, we gladly and gratefully accept donations to help fund our efforts to reach out, inform and educate about reflexology and its benefits as a safe, drug-free complementary health practice. Past AKRA events include hosting national and international reflexology conferences in Anchorage, presentations to community groups, free reflexology sessions at assisted living centers and Providence Cancer Center, and construction of a reflexology foot path at Folker Park in Anchorage.  Your donation is much appreciated!

Our Purpose and Goals

  • Promote dialogue throughout the reflexology community as the primary means of creating unity among all reflexologists for the further advancement of the field of reflexology;

  • Monitor and act on legislation and laws involving reflexology and the larger complementary health field;

  • Work ethically within standards defining the scope of practice for the profession;

  • Educate the public about reflexology and its benefits.

Home: Who We Are
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Chloe Clark-Berry


Anchorage, Alaska
(907) 538-4837

   Mary     Reimann

   Nurturing Touch


    Eagle River &                  Chugiak        

   (907) 440-4238

D. Marta Tuck

Anchorage, Alaska

(907) 227-2941

Nicole Gilligan

His and Hers Healing

Wasilla, Alaska

(907) 521-3670

Linda Volkman

Heart and Sole Inspirations

Wasilla, Alaska

Find a Reflexologist

The following AKRA professional members offer reflexology services to the public:


LMT – Licensed Massage Therapist

NBCR – Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist

Upcoming Events


April 6 - 7 - Anchorage Alaska

The Alaska Reflexology Association (AKRA) will host a booth at the “Spring Fling for Women/Health & Wellness Expo” to be held at the Alaska Airlines Center in Anchorage on Saturday, April 6 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, April 7th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

April 19-20 - Portsmouth, New Hampshire 

The Reflexology Association of America (RAA) will host its biennial national conference in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in April, 2024. The theme of the in-person conference is “Shining Light on Reflexology’s Future”. The two day conference will feature national and international speakers. Save the Dates! Go to this page to find out more. 

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Noteworthy Events

2020 - 2022

AKRA volunteers continued work at the Reflexology Path at Folker Park (Folker Street at 42nd Ave in Anchorage) completing the installation of the Path circle and landscaping the area in 2021. The signage was installed in July, 2022, and additional landscaping was completed. Contact if you are interested in volunteering at the path.


AKRA hosted the International Council of Reflexologists (ICR) 17th International Destination Reflexology Conference which was held in Anchorage in September. The four-day conference brought together reflexologists from around the world in an exchange of information, classes, and social activities. 

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AKRA sponsored a workshop with Vermont reflexologist Geraldine Villeneuve teaching a two-day class on Structural Reflexology – Integrating Reflexology with Foot Function. The class included Reflexology of the Feet, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and kinesiology of the foot and lower leg, medical terminology, foot assessment, shoe fitting, and pathology and correction of common foot disorders.

AKRA broke ground on construction of the Reflexology Foot Path at Folker Park in Anchorage.

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AKRA hosted the Reflexology Association of America (RAA) biannual conference which was held in Anchorage in April. The three-day conference included business meetings, legislative updates, and educational seminars taught by professional reflexology practitioners and educators from the United States and 20 other countries around the world. Additional pre and post conference workshops were also held in Anchorage. 

AKRA sponsored a two-day workshop taught by Australian reflexologist and educator Sharon Stathis on the Stathis Method of Ayurvedic Reflexology.



In June, AKRA sponsored a two-day workshop in Anchorage presented by Touchpoint’s dynamic duo Peter Lund Frandsen and Dorthe Krogsgaard from Denmark teaching Round About: The Spine.



In August, AKRA sponsored three days of classes taught by Lynne Booth from England on Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT The Booth Method).

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The Reflexology Foot Path


A Community Space

The Reflexology Foot Path was envisioned by members of AKRA as a community space where people could learn about reflexology and experience it in a relaxing and healing environment. Thanks to community support, AKRA’s vision is a reality.

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Challenge Grant

In 2019, AKRA was awarded a challenge grant from the Anchorage Park Foundation (APF) to design and install a reflexology path at Folker Park in Anchorage. APF and Municipality of Anchorage Parks and Recreation have been working with the local community for several years to turn the underutilized and neglected space at Folker Park into Anchorage’s first intergenerational health and wellness park.

The location is ideal because it is within walking distance of Horizon House (assisted living facility), Providence Hospital, University of Alaska, and many local businesses and neighborhoods, which will bring diverse populations together to enjoy the path.


A Sensory Experience

With the guidance of MOA Park Planner Maeve Nevins-Lavtar, local landscape architect Elise Huggins (Earthscape), and AKRA member and designer Mark Bell, volunteers have worked hard to design and construct the path.  The foot path is designed to provide a therapeutic sensory experience. It has strategically placed embedded stones designed to stimulate reflexes on the feet that correspond to various body systems. It includes five different “stations” with educational signage where walkers learn about reflexes found in certain body systems and then feel the stimulation of the corresponding reflex as they walk along the path. A hand rail along the inside perimeter of the path helps provide stability.

The Reflexology Path provides an environment for people of all ages to learn about and understand the connection between their feet and the rest of their body, and to learn about a safe, drug-free, complementary health modality at the same time.

AKRA volunteers completed construction of the path in 2021 and then enhanced the area with benches and landscaping. Descriptive signage was installed in July, 2022.

Home: The Reflexology Foot Path


and other helpful information

Home: FAQs

What is Reflexology?

It is a protocol of manual techniques applied to specific reflex areas found primarily on the feet, hands and ears. The non-invasive techniques stimulate the neural pathways linking body systems, supporting the body’s efforts to function optimally. There are thousands of nerve endings in the feet with reflexes that correspond to all of the organs and systems of the body, and the nervous system responds to the sensory information directed at those reflexes. Reflexology is recognized and practiced world-wide as a safe, complementary practice within the holistic health field.

What are the Benefits of Reflexology?

Research substantiates the health benefits that reflexology may provide including stress reduction, improved circulation, pain relief, better balance, and enhanced overall wellbeing.

Practicing Reflexology in Alaska

Currently, a state business license is required to practice reflexology in Alaska.

Reflexology Association of America (RAA)

RAA is a non-profit organization that promotes the scientific and professional advancement of reflexology. The organization’s mission is to elevate and standardize the quality of reflexology services and education available to the public. It works to unify, promote, and advocate for its members, state reflexology associations and proponents. The Reflexology Association of America (RAA) recently adopted the following definition of Reflexology: “Reflexology, an integrative health practice, maps a reflection of the body predominately on the feets, hands and outer ears.  It uses unique manual techniques to deliver pressure to neural pathways assisting the body to function optimally.”

American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB)

ARCB was established in 1991 as a national testing agency. Its primary aim is to protect the public by certifying the competency of trained reflexology practitioners through an examination process. It is not affiliated with any school, instructor, business or association.

National Council of Reflexology Educators (NCRE)

NCRE was established in 2015. Its mission is to provide a voice for reflexology educators, their training programs, and to advance standards in reflexology education.

International Council of Reflexologists (ICR)

ICR is a worldwide professional organization dedicated to providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among reflexologists.


Membership year is July 1 to June 30th of each year.

Your support is important to our work at Alaska Reflexology Association. There are many ways you can contribute towards our causes, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. Learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to do some good.


  • Listing of name and business on AKRA’s website;

  • Discount on workshops, events hosted or sponsored by AKRA;

  • Networking opportunities with other reflexologists in Alaska and around the world;

  • Sharing of information from national and international reflexology associations;

  • Representation of AKRA’s membership and interests at the Reflexology Association of America (RAA) Delegate Assembly;

  • Assistance with monitoring and advocating regarding legislation affecting reflexologists.


Open to a reflexologist certified by a non-profit national certification board, or certified by a school or training program with a minimum of 300 hours. Professional members can hold office and vote on AKRA matters.


Dues are $70/year.


Open to reflexologists not meeting the professional member level standards, a student training in reflexology, a client or other interested person, an agency, a school, a business, a manufacturer, state association, or any other entity concerned about, and desiring to support the growth and professional development of the field of reflexology. Associate members cannot hold office or vote.

Dues are $40/year.

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